iVerify – Fraud Protection

iVerify is a custom security system that verifies that a person is who they claim to be by matching data points that are unique to the person being verified. Predetermined fields are presented for the collection of data based on industry specific need.  Put simply, you enter the information, and iVerify verifies it.  Based on the entry of select criteria, a series of questions will be presented to the customers that are unique to them.  Based on the correct responses to these questions, the customer will either receive a pass or fail score that indicates if they are in fact who they say they are.

iVerify helps your business to become more productive while preventing fraud, reducing loss and delivering uncompromised results.  iVerify provides robust tools to help you manage your individual business transactions.  Its administrative tools allow you to create iVerify internal users, monitor approvals/declines, and report on a variety of transactions.

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