Lotus Interactive Analysis

Lotus Interactive Analysis

Our experience allows us to quickly create an assessment to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive review of your operations. The assessment gathers information about many different areas of your company, and then pinpoints specific opportunities for improvement. Most importantly, the assessment allows you to “see the big picture” and then put priorities in perspective. With an interactive assessment, you will quickly recognize a plan to implement changes in your business.  Lotus is committed to share best practices and industry expertise with your business, ensuring effective strategies and processes. We can help you develop long-term, profitable solutions.

Our assessment examines:

Critical Business and Operational Processes
Company Policies
Company Structure & Past performance analysis
Financial Performance standings based on Industry Averages
Key Metrics and Sales Performance

Our assessment process includes:

Employee Surveys
Final report and presentation

Benchmarking Services:*

For many small business owners, Strategic Planning is something that only big businesses do.  In reality, Strategic Planning applies to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Strategic Planning is nothing more than matching the strengths of your business to the opportunities available to your business.  In order to do this effectively, the business owner needs to collect, screen, analyze and understand information about the business environment.  The business owner also needs to have a clear and honest understanding of his/her business, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and develop a clear mission with specific goals and objectives. Acquiring this level of understanding necessitates a considerable level of effort – usually more than anticipated.  This is where we can help.

*A benchmark report can be completed as part of the assessment or done separately