Why Lotus


Economic volatility, increasing costs of doing business, rising complexity and expanding connectivity have forced businesses to make major changes in operations in recent years.

At the same time, advances in business processes, service-oriented solutions, work force automation, and unique approaches to finance are creating more flexible environments that can deliver tremendous value if deployed properly. To address these challenges, companies of various sizes are focusing their attention and resources on business process management.

Lotus provides solutions that help companies successfully transition into more scalable, efficient, and agile organizations so that long-term competitive advantage can be attained.  While there are several companies that focus on specific elements of business process management, Lotus’ unique combination of skills, approach, assets and tools deliver measurable results while creating value quickly.  Imagine a group of expert professionals in your field taking complete control of your day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month tasks while delivering exceptional results with incredible value?

Lotus helps our clients create value and act as change agents through our unique delivery of management consulting and outsourcing services:

Lotus Interactive Analysis

Complete Accounting & Financial Management with exceptional collection of related Reporting
ReelTime Audit Services
Billing Reconciliation & Receivables Management
Professional Data Mining for Analytical (Customized) Reporting
Payroll & Employee Commission Computation and Reporting
Daily Retail Operational Management
Electronic Document Management (Digital Storage & Retrieval)
Strategy & Planning Services
Fraud prevention & Risk Management tools – iVerify
Customer Relationship Management
Assessments & Training
Inventory & Supply Chain Management
Management Group Review & Support
Project-Based Support
Other Ad-Hoc Activities
IT Managed Services

Our “Managed Services” combine deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, and a partnership approach to client engagement coupled with comprehensive service offerings. In every enterprise, business processes are interconnected. Only when you link shared, back office and industry specific processes to decision support does business begin to thrive. The value of our “Managed Services” is realized by optimizing, and linking our disparate processes together seamlessly.

We help our clients leverage “Managed Services” to improve their business performance so that they can compete more effectively in the marketplace and focus on growth.