About Us

Lotus Analytics is committed to deliver end-to-end Back Office Managed Solutions and services to its customers in the US and Canada.

Lotus Analytics has established itself as a key player in the managed business services arena. We engineer business solutions that address the needs of our customers and couple these solutions with a premium quality delivery infrastructure. We strive to develop deep relationships with our customers so that we are able to help prioritize focus around the concerns of top management and deliver results. Lotus employs top-talent individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit that are proficient at driving results through process improvement and change management.

Lotus Analytics, a division of Lotus Group of USA, is headquartered in New York. Lotus Analytics services customers in the healthcare, construction, retail food chain, communications, retail and several other industries across the US and Canada.

Our Signature Services

  • Secure & Reliable Accounting
  • IT Managed Services
  • Professional Consultation Services
  • Point of Sale Optimization
  • Real Time Audit
  • iVerify-Fraud Protection
  • Digital Storage Services