Why Lotus Analytics?

Lotus Analytics has grown into a global business services powerhouse thanks to the success of our comprehensive suite of end-to-end back-office managed solutions and services, which we deliver to and manage for our diverse international customer base. We serve clients from a range of industries, including healthcare, technology, construction, retail, F&B and communications.

At Lotus we bring out the best in each of our clients, while enabling them to grow at accelerated levels, through our experience and expertise in business operations. We utilize our comprehensive industry and technological knowledge and service offering competency to create sustainable value for our clients while determining new and emerging trends in the market.

Let us show you how our multidisciplinary methods will help you evolve your business to the next level. Backed by the power of Lotus Analytics, you will be free to become the best version of yourself and transform your business for greater success and future potential.

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Our Services

‘Let Us Do It For You’

Lotus Analytics offers multiple services and solutions, including custom offerings tailored to your business’ specific individual needs and requirements. Our suite of managed professional services encompasses many back-office support and professional services functions, including accounting and finance, supply chain management, fraud/loss prevention, task management and more. Our custom-developed products, proprietary tools and services work on multiple platforms, within numerous business verticals.

Most importantly, our systems enable your management team to concentrate on the core of any business: sustainable growth. While you’re focused on growing, Lotus Analytics provides comprehensive coverage of all the necessary professional services, to ensure efficient and reliable flow of data, risk management, strategic implementation and more.

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Our Solutions

Drawing upon our team’s many years of experience in the professional arenas of business operations, administration, finance and accounting, Lotus Analytics has developed and perfected a comprehensive set of unique, interconnected products that offer you the power to steer your business in the correct direction, by affording you the freedom to focus on the things you do best, while we take care of the rest.

As a Lotus client, you can simply select which product(s) match your needs; popular products include our anti-fraud, strategic compliance auditing, business intelligence, voice-based services, HR and precise calling tools. These solutions are proven and guaranteed to help resolve many of the core issues that limit company productivity and profit margins.

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Our Companies