Professional Services

  • Analytics Strategy Planning & Consulting.
  • Data Warehouse Management.
  • BI Dashboard Development.
  • Data Migration / Integration Services.
  • Custom Application Development.

Business Intelligence Platform

  • Blend big data easily and instantly.
  • Filter, slice, dice, & drill-down with ease.
  • Know when to act with push notifications.
  • Integrate many data sources in one place.
  • Keep data secure with cutting-edge technology.

Our Standard Workflow

Data Modelling

Data Integration & Backend Features

Our Tool Allows Us To…

  • Import source data files & connect to cloud data sources and/or to any ODBC-compliant database.
  • Join and analyze any number of sources of any size and mix and match across sources (data mash-ups)
  • Intelligently link data with shared fields, and can further provide relationships among the data sources using a user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Leverage comprehensive ETL functionality, including standardize/cleanse data, create new fields based on Excel-like formulas and create new tables based on SQL expressions.
  • Return query results in seconds, even when querying over billions of rows of raw data, with standard hardware requirements.

Backend Features That Help You, Too!

  • Updated data and new data sources can be instantly added to the tool at any time, without the need to rebuild the entire data store. One or more Cubes can be served by our powerful Server.
  • Any number of users can connect to our server to generate reports, view BI dashboards and run ad hoc queries.
  • Our columnar data storage and dynamic in-memory processing technology require no pre-aggregation or pre-calculation of new data. Because there are no pre-aggregation or pre-calculation stages (as required with typical BI solutions), data stores are completely flexible and require no rebuilding when the schema changes.

Unique Dashboard Features

Advanced Visualizations

Truly customized charts & widgets that not only summarize data, but also produce additional information, allowing for a more robust user experience.

Diving Deep Into Data

Easily drill down to view granular data and get even more insights at your fingertips with a single click to expand on the factors that drive KPIs.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay on top of what matters most and get notified when a KPI crosses defined thresholds. Be informed when anomalies occur with KPIs that ordinarily have no predefined limits.