Kimberly Lyn

Kimberly Lyn - Director of Business Development

Kimberly Lyn is the Director of Business Development for Lotus Analytics. She is responsible for growing existing business through inside sales efforts while diversifying the current portfolio by expanding revenues across multiple verticals and industries.

Kimberly is a Georgia native who has spent the past two decades managing and leading performance driven teams in the specialty retail industry. She is known among her colleagues for her keen ability to identify opportunities that impact employee performance and engagement and the operational pitfalls that keep a business from reaching its peak performance. Kimberly’s deep knowledge and expertise in the retail industry gives her the ability to understand and solve many of the problems business owners are challenged with day to day.

Kimberly is very passionate about helping others succeed, building meaningful relationships, and being a dependable partner. Kimberly has facilitated numerous business development and education workshops that have elevated overall team productivity, driven sales growth, and operational effectiveness.

When not at work, Kimberly can be found enjoying the outdoors. Kimberly enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking with her son and fur baby, Jack.

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