A gift – all the way till July 2020

Thank You, for this overwhelming response!

The surging demand for notification system has made us believe how essential a product/service it is, especially in these COVID19 times. It took us 327 hours to incorporate all feasible EXTRA features that our customers demanded and now it is almost a new product. We’ve started calling it the “COMMUNICATION CENTRE” because it does more than sending notifications. It also helps with accountability, the most demanded feature by our customers.

Given the times we are in and the needs of the industry, Lotus will provide its COMMUNICATION CENTRE to Essential Services Industries for FREE all the way till July. All the healthcare, food, manufacturing industries especially making ventilators, masks, sanitizers, etc, and the others who identify themselves as essentials, its for you, we are in this together. For our existing customers let us know what else can we help you with as it is because of your feedbacks and support that we’ve been able to make our products stronger day by day. We are here because of you. For the ones who do not belong to the essential services industry, we haven’t forgotten you. We know these are testing times so we have extended the trial period from 15 days to 2 months. Contact us by visiting www.lotusanalytics.com to avail the offer or learn more. We are here.

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