Adapting to the Paradigm Shift in the Working of Contact Centers

Contact centers are on the frontline of customer service – they go beyond providing customer support and keeping customers satisfied. Today Contact Centers transform customer’s experience from delightful single interaction to an entire journey of personalized and consistent interactions. As the COVID-19 emergency continues, demand for services and support will continues to rise. During this pandemic, virtual contact centers are enabling businesses to integrate home workers into the contact center environment. They have become key tools in ensuring business continuity and resilience and helping companies continue serving customers. To rapidly deploy a virtual contact center, you need the right technologies in place. According to Gartner, approximately 90% of global organizations currently use an on-premise solution for their contact centers. This makes them ill-prepared to manage the remote work requirements and rapid scaling necessitated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Overall conversation volume has increased in contact centers by around 20% since mid-February, with verticals such as airlines and hotels experiencing call growth of 96% and 130% respectively. Enterprises need to rapidly spin up virtual contact center operations and deal with the current surge in call volumes.

Cloud contact center solutions are underpinned by virtual call management technology, which re-routes calls to agents and enables them to respond to queries while working from home. The customer should notice no difference in quality of service and experience than if they were calling a physical contact center with an inquiry. Lotus Analytics is all about providing seamless customer experience across all channels in the customer service journey by engaging customer on a channel of their choice and allowing them to hop from one channel to another seamlessly while keeping their Omni channel experience uniform. Lotus Analytics provides a robust cloud-based contact center software that enables businesses to carry out their customer communications (calls, SMS) over the internet. The software is easy to set up and maintain, cost-efficient and gives businesses more control and visibility into their operations. Lotus Analytics enriches your contact center with smart chat technology such as Chatbot, conversational AI and Omni channel integrations.

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