A Glimpse into Lotus Analytics

Whether you need simple accounting and finance assistance or an entire POS that streamlines your start to finish “office” needs, at Lotus Analytics, we can help. A full-service Business Solutions provider, Lotus Analytics offers customizable and scalable solutions to multiple verticals and industries.

A Glimpse into Lotus Analytics

With the ability to design and customize software and existing hardware Lotus can provide a platform to solve all your business needs. Specializing in fully functional point of sale systems, business intelligence, customer ID verification processes, logistics tracking systems, bookkeeping and finance services, customer reporting and data insights, audits and accountability systems and so much more!

Centraverse™ by Lotus Analytics

Centraverse™ is a 100% customizable software program to centralize your “office” and streamline your processes. Increase viewability, task management, data insights and human resources in Real Time!

Everything Accounts & Finance

This is a brief video introducing some of the accounting and finance services provided by Lotus Analytics. Outsourced bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, dedicated bookkeepers, and more professional services.

Business Intelligence by Lotus Analytics

Easily drill down to view granular data and get even more insights at your fingertips with a single click to expand on the factors that drive KPIs. Stay on top of what matters most and get notified when a KPI crosses defined thresholds. Be informed when anomalies occur with KPIs that ordinarily have no predefined limits.

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