BI To The Rescue of “Spreadsheet Hell”

Role of spreadsheets in our lives has been massive. They’re one of the most used, misused, and abused applications. Finance department is almost synonymous to spreadsheets. People spend more time making sure the spreadsheets are accurate than analyzing the data in them, or validating figures of a spreadsheet worked by different people, do we want to be spending our time doing that or we want to spend our time working on things that add value, help us grow and contribute to organizational growth?

The obvious answer is “yes”, we want to be efficient and productive. Spreadsheets are great but heaps of spreadsheets can be a problem to maintain and let alone analyzing the data from them. Understanding the logic and the formula of each spreadsheet and then bringing all of them together can have errors and become too convoluted and opaque for the end user to understand. Over dependency on excel sheets can make tasks mundane and productivity which is synonymous to man hours will suffer. In times, when we are trying to optimize for growth and reduce expenses, we’re wasting our human resources. Today, time spent is equivalent to money because “Time is Money”.

As every data point is not important for every level or department in the organization, these can be simplified by understanding which KPIs make more sense to one department, and which don’t make sense to the other. This is when Business Intelligence with service by Lotus comes in, Lotus works with its clients to understand what are the most important KPIs and creates custom dashboards which in one glance can give the concerned head or the CEO the exact report of what’s working and what’s not. Any form of data source can be plugged in and desired KPIs can be built in the custom dashboards because every organization is unique and so are their needs. Powered with Artificial Intelligence it’s highly intuitive and a powerhouse for organizations which want to be a step ahead of their competition.

We at Lotus can help you cut costs and maximize growth based on the story that your data is telling, and we’re here to make technology affordable, if your company needs to be rescued from “spreadsheet hell”, let us know at or visit Make spreadsheets your friends and leverage BI to be efficient, and a contributor of growth.

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