Gain an objective understanding & learn how to take control of your business & financial health by gaining direct insight into the factors that affect your company’s profits.

Refine your value proposition by integrating technology into your business processes to give you the innovative edge you need to gain market share.

Work with experts to help define your goals, design a strong strategy, execute with precision, evaluate with analytics, and modify tactics to build on your success.

Our consultants help private, public, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for decades, there is no need to delay…

Management Consulting

Let us help you address functional challenges and gain a competitive edge, by analyzing existing issues in the areas of finance, people, sales and operations, and developing plans for improvement.

Strategy & Objective Planning

For more than a decade, we’ve been assisting organizations with defining their mission, vision and values, through a diversity and inclusion lens, helping define and support control mechanisms for guiding strategy implementation.

Technology Integration

Through vast and deep cross-vertical experience, we know how important innovation is. Whether it means changing operational procedures to cut costs, or deploying a revolutionary new product to your customer… we’ve got you covered.

Increasing Profits with Pro-Sourced Accounting & Financial Services
Businesses small and large are leveraging the vast benefits of “Pro-Sourcing” their accounting and financial management needs with Lotus, yielding higher profits. The benefits have proven to be revolutionary and our clients are taking it to the bank!

A Perfect Fit

Our unique approach to professional services will partner you with a team that fits best with your organization. Our people are well trained, experienced, and hold professional certifications for processes that may require elevated support.

Consistent Performance

Working with us allows you, your customers, as well as your internal ops and sales teams to benefit from consistent deliverables that are completed timely and accurately. Our team is strategically built to ensure business continuity and consistent best-in-class service.

ISO 9001 Certified

The Lotus Group of Companies and Lotus Analytics exceed International Standards for Quality Management Systems. Our applications and processes are tested and audited by third-party quality assurance professionals, which allows us to continuously improve our service for you.