Business Intelligence and Energy Industy

Energy industry is no more oil, gas or coal but has been transitioning into a more sustainable form with new energy including renewable resources such as solar, wind, etc. due to climatic changes, consumer consciousness, regulations, cost pressure, etc. The ever-increasing population and its energy demands have been on the rise and so has the pressure on the production and supply, plants are left with no choice other than optimization of processes of production, transmission, and distribution.

From laying the foundation for an energy plant to distribution, an enormous amount of data is generated, that needs supervision in real time as every second of downtime accounts for revenue loss, dissatisfaction, opportunity for thefts, and loss of property and life. Data in its raw form cannot be used directly, exactly like the sources of energy, requires cleaning and filtering and then compiling them for the optimum usage. Compiling data from one source and integrating it with different sources can cause errors, and the repercussions of these errors are unfathomable.

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