Business Intelligence and Finance

Finance departments whether in big or mid or small size organizations are filled with loads of data from invoices, journal entries, spreadsheets, and many other different sources. Data for businesses is like a gold mine only when you know how to use it RIGHT!

“Up to 73% of companies’ data is left unused for analytics”, it’s difficult to extract value from data, that’s where Lotus business intelligence comes in. It helps in better presentation of this data after processing it and putting it together in customized dashboards. AI-based business intelligence with its visualization and predictive analytics is an intuitive solution for businesses’ need to taking the right and informed decisions on time.

Business Intelligence in finance has saved and continues to save organizations from risks, frauds, etc. BI can help avoid a lot of frauds based on customer behavior and can avoid regulatory issues based on employee behavior. BI can work wonders in risk mitigation and with the right economic context can build the right credit portfolio analytics and many more things.

To make sense of such a high volume of data within minutes and hours is no joke, but, when armed with BI, stakeholders can do so because they see only those KPIs that affect them the most, and, “a stitch in time saves nine”!

If you’re a business that believes in growth, let us help you with data-driven decision-making with our customized BI solutions. Reach out to us via email at or visit

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