We at Lotus help firms address functional challenges and gain a competitive edge by analyzing existing issues in the areas of finance, people, sales and operations and developing plans for improvement.

Internal finance team was expensive

Lotus Analytics provides affordable Accounting and Finance Services and utilizes a team of experienced and certified industry experts who assist in Financial Planning and Budgeting

Loss of merchandise in transit

You can easily keep track of your merchandise at all times with Supply Chain and Logistics Services. So now never lose sight of your assets and seamlessly track returns

Inventory Management within the retail chain

Know what inventory to order and when to order it by leveraging cutting-edge inventory forecasting analysis tools. We monitor incoming & outgoing packages and take quick action if timelines aren’t met per the standard

Issues with Customer Verification and penalty

Know your customers and protect your business with an effective and end-to-end integrated solution. Device risk assessment and user protection via client and customer verification technologies

Unhindered Growth with LOTUS

It was found that the dip in profit in 2018 was due to the shift of stores from PR to SPR – a policy change by the telecom provider.
With Lotus, the Net Revenue and Profit increased by 325% and 200% in 2 years respectively.

Our unique business model takes SaaS to the next level and makes your cost-benefit analysis easy. Our services are based on years of research and experience, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly infrastructure, combining productivity with flexibility. Our experienced & high-performing team members allow us to deliver exceptionally high-quality products and services and work directly with you to build lasting relationships together. This concept dramatically cuts costs and increases performance, which provides our clients with the ability to thrive in today’s high-powered and dynamic market.

Increase in sales by 38%

Stay in constant contact with your customers and manage outbound calling campaigns by turning on the Sales Engagement Center. Enhance customer satisfaction and increasing revenue exponentially.

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Retail locations increased by 700%

Retail sales success is built on the operations designed to streamline processes and solutions used to achieve a goal. Lotus has been providing retail excellence for over a decade. Allowing retail teams to focus on increasing sellable hours and improving ROI.

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Operations team increased to 10 from 4

Really get to know the full picture by drilling into visualization and get all your unaggregated & historical data in one place. Getting questions answered on the fly has never been easier.

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Reduction in fraud by 16%

At Lotus, we maintain extremely robust security policies and have specialized
certifications for data security & quality control. Efficiently track frauds in inventory, returns and refunds and verify customers to avoid fraudulent sales actively.

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A straight line can be drawn between those locations that manage tasks and handle accountability on day one. Lotus leverages Solution and Service to allow action to be created and accountability is driven today without waiting for reporting weeks or a month later. Lotus service and technology assumes the responsibility of a defined set of day-to-day management services and provides professional business consulting to allow you to focus on why you started your business in the first place.

All the above solutions are encapsulated in CENTRAVERSETM – a flexible and customizable platform by Lotus Analytics.
We aren’t just a product or professional services provider. We are your Solutions Partner.

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