Centraverse ™ is a powerful cloud-based web platform that allows you to run all your key back-office operations in one place.

Centralize your company’s tools by using a fully scalable, modern solution that has “out of the box ready” business applications already built-in.

You can even integrate your own external web applications or build a custom workflow that seamlessly handles cross-functional processes.

Centraverse is fully customizable; you can leverage all modules or choose only a single module – whatever works best for you.

Point of Sale Module

Customer Database

  • Store customer data
  • Update customer profiles
  • Review historical sales
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Create customer service follow-ups

Sales Platform

  • Integrated CRM
  • Verify customer identity with iVerify
  • Effortlessly raise a new sale or refund
  • Sell from inventory or drop-ship from the warehouse
  • Apply discounts & coupons
  • Enroll customers in future marketing campaigns
  • Accept payments directly from the portal
  • Expand your service offering and allow customers to pay utilities and other popular service bills in your store

Inventory Management

  • Build a custom product catalogue
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Make inventory adjustments
  • Establish sellable/non-sellable products
  • Set product min/max rules
  • Raise purchase orders
  • Receive inventory
  • Return inventory
  • Restrict sales to stocked products
  • Access a variety of inventory reporting

Add Account Security with i-Verify

  • Integrated consumer verification system to prevent fraudulent sales
  • Active Features:
  • Consumer identity verification
  • Phone activation verification
Supply Chain Module

Inventory Analytics

  • Know what inventory to order and when to order it by using cutting-edge inventory forecasting analysis tools
  • Easily analyze which products are moving and which are stagnant
  • Avoid over ordering and allow the system to recommend product to be moved from one location to another
  • Ease cash flow by maintaining the right blend of products at the right place at the right time

Purchase Order Creation

  • Automate purchase order creation by using data-driven ordering methodologies
  • Allow users to place special purchase order requests that can be automatically or manually approved / rejected based on your defined parameters

Return Merchandise Authorization Module

  • Automate the return process by having RMAs ready for personnel to pack and ship to the warehouse
  • Eliminate multiple portals and house packing slips & shipping labels all in one place
  • Never lose sight of your assets and seamlessly track returns

Reconciliation | Professional Services

  • We’ll reconcile purchase orders & RMAs against receiving invoices & credit memos to ensure you are not being billed for products you never received
  • Our loss prevention team will help you conduct virtual inventory audits and verify inventory counts
  • We monitor incoming & outgoing packages and take quick action if timelines aren’t met per the standard
Alerts & Task Management

Push Notifications

Set-up alerts & be notified when KPIs fall out of the expected range, or go even further and trigger a process to begin to take swift action

Automated Processes

No need to wait on someone to ask someone else to do something...With Centraverse™, tasks can be automatically created and assigned based on data that is fed into the platform

Enterprise-Level Communications Tool

Stay on the go and ditch the email inbox. Easily push communications to users across the enterprise and even assign specific action to be taken. No emails, no follow-ups, just smooth and swift communication

Task Management Features

  • Schedule recurring tasks or send them out one by one
  • Include helpful information by attaching photos or supporting docs
  • Send a text message or Centraverse™ Alert directly to the recipient
  • Allow recipients to text back questions or update the task status
  • Set due-dates and easily manage deadlines
  • Eliminate the need for follow-ups and let the system auto escalate
  • Dynamically change status types and categories to fit your needs
  • Integrate tasks for other processes unrelated to Centraverse™

Alerts & Notifications Features

  • Data-driven alerts
  • Custom push notifications from top down or bottom up
  • Attach and share content on the fly
  • Allow users to interact using a friendly chat style user interface
Popular Integrations

Business Intelligence

Grab data from a variety of data sources and embed dashboard widgets and other data visualization tools directly into Centraverse™

External Embedding

Integrate external applications and websites into the Centraverse™ portal so that users can have access to all the necessary tools within just a few clicks

Sales Engagement Center

Stay in constant contact with your customers and manage outbound calling campaigns by turning on the Sales Engagement Center

Custom App & Process Integration

Let us help you build a fully unique Centraverse™ experience and overlay multiple modules and services for a streamlined end-to-end process that is effective and efficient

HR Tools & Company Intranet

Make life easy for your employees and integrate HR Tools, such as time & attendance, payroll, company policies, etc. into Centraverse™

Business Reporting & Financials

Keep business leaders engaged and in-the-know by including core business reporting and financial data in Centraverse™, while maintaining data security by using customizable access permissions and tenant privileges