A revolutionary web application that connects Lotus’ suite of services in one, user-friendly interface. Not only can you leverage the power of Lotus’ solutions through Centraverse, but you can also can harness Centraverse to bring your internal applications under one roof.

Technology Products

These are the software / web-application modules that are included with Centraverse.

OEM Agent Portal

  • Serves as the primary user interface to group the variety of Lotus’ products & services into one web-based application
  • Custom branding options available

Real Time

  • A task management system to deploy initiatives to locations
  • Evidence-based compliance management
  • Escalation assignment & management

Purchase Order Creation

  • Provides locations with the ability to order serialized devices for dealer stock
  • Orders are fulfilled or rejected based on dealer’s credit terms


  • Integrated with the Sales & Activation Portal to prevent fraudulent sales from occurring
  • Active Features:
  • Consumer identity verification
  • Phone activation verification

Sales & Activation Portal

  • Collects customer information
  • Passes customer information through i-Verify
  • Collects activation information
  • Stores customer & activation information in the Customer Module where historical activity and customer data can be accessed (front-end UI)
  • Customer & activation metadata maintained in back-end data tables for sales audit & commission reconciliation

Inventory Fulfillment Center

  • An active queue for Lotus to view and manage incoming purchase orders from dealers
  • PO and shipment details collected from DOORS updated for locations to view current status of orders
  • Fulfilled order data stored in data tables to be used during the sales & activation process

Return Merchandise Authorization Module

  • The tool locations will use to submit return authorization requests for serialized equipment
  • Upon approval, RA status and approval details passed through to the location for packing and shipment

Discrepancy & Appeal Portal

  • Highlights transactions that do not match sales / commission records
  • Provides the UI for users to upload appeal documentation and comments
  • Includes multi-level escalation levels to accept / reject appeals

Commission Portal

  • Stores historical commission data
  • Allows users to search against historical commission records
  • Identifies matches from the Sales & Activation Portal with the finalized commission statement
  • Sales discrepancies identified and pushed to the Discrepancy & Appeal Portal

Professional Services

Centraverse is supported by a team of experts at Lotus Analytics.

Centraverse subscribers receive a 10% discount on Lotus Analytics’ Professional Services.

Custom Software & Integration Services

The unique framework designed to connect various products together for a seamless process flow for front-end users

Database Management & Security

The storage, server capacity, and on-going optimization of database components for maximum performance across web-capable devices and browsers

Product Implementation and Training

Dedicated support team to train & collaborate with you to ensure an adequate and effective deployment

Appeal Management

  • Reviewing location commission appeals for validity based on required info
  • Uploading appeal documentation and / or comments to the carrier system
  • Tracking active appeals and providing cumulative reports to both the master and the sub-agent
  • Reporting final appeal decision
  • Tracking approved appeals to ensure actual payout on future statement

Compliance & Virtual Audits | Real Time

Assigning tasks, collecting information from locations, managing escalations and auditing data for compliance

Sales Audit

  • Reconciliation of dealer-entered data against OPUS records
  • Discrepancy identification and reporting
  • Red-flag and fraud alerts based on determined methodology
  • Collect required information to validate / fix discrepancy items

Carrier Commission

  • Segregation of the master commission statement
  • Applied logic for commission values to match the location’s assigned compensation agreement
  • Reconciliation of commission statement against previously verified sales records
  • Identification and reporting of discrepancies

Sales Audit

  • Reconciliation of dealer-entered data against OPUS records
  • Discrepancy identification and reporting
  • Red-flag and fraud alerts based on determined methodology

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

  • Collecting orders & RA requests from locations
  • Placing orders & RA requests with the carrier & updating the Agent Portal
  • Tracking order fulfillment and reverse logistics
  • Alerting Clients when issues arise

Financial Risk & Analysis

Assisting with assessment of the financial health of a location and completing an annual analysis of each location’s financials

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