Ash Anand of the Lotus Group of Companies honored as “Global Indian of the Year”

AsiaOne recognizes Ash Anand as the 2020-2021 “Global Indian of the Year”.

AsiaOne is a news, lifestyle and entertainment aggregator providing digital and print content to readers in all parts of Asia, based out of Singapore. AsiaOne has been providing syndicated content for over 25 years to top digital and print providers.

Ash Anand owns and operates The Lotus Group of Companies headquartered in the state of New York, USA. In 2009, he established The Lotus Group of Companies, a multi-faceted conglomerate based out of Warrensburg, NY. Ash owns and operates Lotus Analytics, Lotus for Life, Lotus Healthcare Solutions, Lotus Property Management, The Grist Mill, Ashe’s Pub & Ocho Cinco Cantina, Ash Real Estate Holdings, Lotus Auto Xperts, and two NAPA stores (Warrensburg Auto & Truck Supplies and Chestertown Truck & Auto). Ash’s main objective and the underlying theme are to assist Warrensburg and the surrounding communities in reaching their highest potential. “Global Indian of the Year” is a prestigious annual nomination & selection from the most prominent personalities in business, social and political forums from India. It is entirely made of those who have really made an indelible mark for other leaders to follow and generations to admire. AsiaOne consistently highlights the individuals that contribute to the growth and success of other Indian citizens, candidates are nominated and then selected based on peer review, AsiaOne’s own research team and editorial selection.

Professionally, Ash has held multiple high-level positions in both the operations division and fiscal management side of the telecommunication sector which encouraged his entrepreneurial prowess. Lotus Analytics operates on a global scale and employs hundreds of professionals who consult, collaborate with, and deliver a variety of services to clients across multiple verticals and geographies around the world. Lotus Analytics offers essential business solutions to any size enterprise including but not limited to: Centraverse™ a fully functional point of sale system, business intelligence, customer ID verification processes, logistics tracking systems, time clock functions, AI / facial recognition software, bookkeeping and finance services, QR code management, customer reporting and data insights, call center support and an audits and accountability system. With the ability to design and customize software and existing hardware Lotus can provide a platform to solve all your business needs. Ash believes that in today’s technologically rich environment, it is more important than ever to have innovative solutions at your fingertips that help your business operate well and thrive. Lotus provides a wide range of technology-based tools, systems, and applications that are cost-effective and profoundly beneficial. Whether you need a ready-made solution, a custom creation, or a blend of software and service, Lotus has it.

Ash holds an MBA in General Management Studies along with a Black Belt in Six Sigma and Quality Control which verifies his ability in problem-solving and statistical tools. Lotus Analytics received the 2013 Excellence in Telecommunications presented by the United States Trade and Commerce Institute. Ash was recognized as a “20 under 40” in 2018 for owning reputable, sustainable businesses and philanthropy. Ash holds business certifications in multiple business solution platforms; Top 25 BI and Analytics companies in 2018 CIO applications. PCI, ISO certified, MBE certified,, HIPAA compliant, Certified Advisor in Accounting and Finance. All of these achievements have led the Lotus Group of Companies to create expert consulting solutions using cloud-based custom software that allows people to dream again about next year while we solve the problems of today and tomorrow for them. We do this all immediately while lowering their expenses and increasing their bottom lines. Lotus offers an unparalleled suite of services that are all scalable, affordable and of the highest quality.

Ash contributes to his community by serving as a School Board Member, Workforce Investment Board Member and offering his insight to up and coming IT High School Seniors. Ash has three pillars he operates the business with; Organizational Transparency, Fairness and Integrity. These pillars have allowed Ash to make connections with his team, establish relationships with his clients and maintain alliances with business industries we service.

Ash holds a strong belief that success is what you make it, determination and perseverance are pillars to personal prosperity. If your action of success can be replicated repeatedly you have achieved great accomplishments. Ash’s definition of success and real achievements can be summed up by this quote, “If I have been able to nourish an awesome relationship with my colleagues and have the time to sit with them and see how things are, I think I am successful. If my kids don’t complain about spending time with me, I think I am successful. If health and wealth factors are in control in my life, I think I am successful. Most importantly, if people around me have respect for me, I am certainly successful.” As Ash continues on his enterprise adventures, he is focusing on how he can continue to help other businesses succeed no matter the industry challenges.

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