Our Story

We began our journey in 2009, specializing in business process outsourcing. Since then, our suite of services has expanded immensely, and we continue to bring innovative technology products to businesses small and large.

We have grown from a small office in upstate New York to a multi-national firm with offices on both sides of the World. For us, it is not just about the business, but also about the dedication, passion, creativity and commitment that each of us pours into our work each day.

The Journey So Far

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Lotus Analytics is a technology initiative backed by real and artificial intelligence. Our offerings comprise Cloud-based IT solutions, SaaS & DaaS, RPA, AI, Business Intelligence, and specialized Technology solutions coupled with professional services. Our diversified business expertise and data-driven approach aims to provide a series of proactive and all-rounded intelligent solutions for organizations of all sizes across the globe. We have helped hundreds of businesses to eliminate inefficiencies and maximize performance. At Lotus, we believe in enriching lives and striking a balance for sustainable growth.


Maximizing Growth | Perfecting Performance

Affordability With No Compromises On Quality

Our unique and robust business model infrastructure allows you to focus on growing your business. We deliver exceptional products, services and solutions that make your cost-benefit analysis easy, without compromising on the quality.

24/7 Accessibility – Anytime And Anywhere

Our unparalleled suite of products and services is strategically designed to provide for all your dynamic business needs and to deliver high-quality service and solutions – anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Highly Customizable And Integrable Solutions

We understand your business is unique and industry is dynamic, which is why we provide the largest breadth of custom-tailored solutions that are highly integrable to accommodate the ever-changing business, market and scaling needs.

Industry Expertise Backed By Technology

Our cutting-edge business technology solutions are lead and managed by certified business professionals having decades of experience throughout multiple sectors of different industries.

Industry Affiliations and Alliances

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