Innovative Technology

Enhancing the customer experience, one transaction at a time.

Strong Performance

Enhancing the customer experience, one transaction at a time.

A Full Service Partner

Enhancing the customer experience, one transaction at a time.

Need quick access to powerful solutions ready for deployment? Or, would you prefer a custom fit?

With Lotus, the choice is yours!
  • Eliminate multiple portals and work within a custom business hub using Centraverse®
  • Scrap all the redundancies and have your core solutions in one place
  • Leverage implementation-ready applications and if you need something more, we’ll work with you to get features added
  • Have peace of mind knowing your data is secure and you have an entire team standing by ready to help you when you need it

Having Trouble Tracking Shipments?

Know where your assets are using Lotus Trace

One Portal. All Shipments. No Headaches.

Lotus Trace brings together tracking information from all your vendors and stores into one place, so you no longer have to hunt an order and manually track it.

Stop Tracking & Get Notified, Instead.

You need to know when inventory isn’t getting delivered as expected. We’ll let you know about it by sending you a notification when something isn’t right.

Sending Returns? No Problem.

We’ll grab those return authorization numbers, expected credit amounts, along with the shipment tracking details for you and put them in one place. This way if you don’t receive credit as expected, we can get to work!.

Inventory is cash! Ensure vendors are billing you for
what you actually purchased and returned.

Real Time Task Management

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a platform that eliminates emails, tracks tasks, and notifies you when things aren’t right?

Yeah… we thought so, too!

Our fully integrated task-management system takes care of more than just day-to-day tasks; it is a complete, cross-functional platform that allows you to interact with your team in a revolutionary way.

  • On-demand, triggered, or scheduled notifications & alerts
  • Communicate via SMS, through the mobile app, via email, or integrate the platform with a custom application
  • Get real-time reporting on what is happening and where it is happening
  • Know things are getting done how you want them to be with evidence at your fingertips
  • Stay connected with our mobile app

Built-in features that help automate operating procedures and tasks

Access to a team of real humans who can help you manage tasks & audit results

Fully customizable reporting and alert tools that keep you up to speed however you’d like

iVerify | Fraud Prevention & Identity Protection

Quickly and easily verify customers using a one-stop solution. Not only is iVerify built into our apps,
but we also provide an end-to-end integration solution, so you can get the benefits of iVerify using your existing applications.

Identity Verification

Know who you are truly doing business with to prevent fraud and maintain compliance.

Age Verification

Deploy reliable age verification that meets state and federal standards for age-restricted products.

Phone Verification

Verify ownership of a phone number and authenticate via SMS or Programmatic voice.

Watch List Screening

Comply with regulations by screening against multiple federal and international Watch Lists at once.

We’re just getting started and there is so much more…
We are here for you and want to help your business succeed. We’d love to connect with you to learn more about your business and
give you some insight for how we can help you accomplish your goals.