Custom Data Insights

Custom Data Insights

Lotus intelligence leverages software and services to revamp data into useable intelligence that educates an organization’s strategic business decisions. Our custom-designed web and mobile dashboards provide immediate and instant access to the analytics you need to make the involved and intricate decisions that affect the future of your business. We create an intersection between third-party data sources and custom metrics.

Lotus's custom application development services are delivered using industry-standard tools, and our applications are validated and tested for system and browser compatibility. We follow-up our application development with excellent training, until end-users are comfortable with every aspect of the platform or application.

Some advantages of our custom data insights include:

  • Gain a better understanding of your business’ past, present and future.
  • Enjoy faster and more accurate reporting, analysis and planning.
  • Access new insights using online analytical processing.
  • Experience streamlined operations.
  • Employ information integration.
  • Enable faster, more efficient and agile reactions when a problem occurs.
  • Align your organization toward its business objectives.

Lotus' proven expertise in enterprise application integration techniques and multi-platform environments offers our global customers a unique value proposition. We offer a gamut of enterprise solutions and understand what tools and software can instantly spruce-up your business; not only based on your specific requirements, but also by looking at the most robust enterprise software solutions engaged by your industry at large.

Our enterprise solutions consulting services include:

Predictive Analytics

Data analysis has grown beyond the normal with the downpour of information about your prospects, clients, competition, customer demographics, technological implications, social media implications, customer behavior, changing patterns, sensitivity to markets and a host of other things that indirectly affect your business. Even the mere range of information that can be gathered can be so overwhelming that normal data analysis tools can lose their way, or at most, give a bleak view of the tip of the information iceberg.

We help you gauge the amount of information and data that needs to be analyzed, look for the levels of filtering and assessment needed to decipher sharp and actionable information, and then engage the right analytic tools for your business.

Big Data Management

With businesses developing and spreading across service and product verticals and across geographies, the range of data and information that needs to be assembled and managed is growing by leaps and bounds. We help you employ the best tools to mine and systematize the big data and combine it with advanced analytics to stay ahead.

Agile Programming

Lotus has deployed Agile programming methodology, in which working prototypes are delivered to the customer at regular intervals for frequent fine-tuning to the application. Agile programming is used in custom software development projects that need to accommodate changes in requirements, even at advanced stages of the software development cycle.

The Lotus application development methodology organizes and sets up total transparency at each stage of the SDLC, to provide customers transparency, visibility and control over the application development process. We position both on-site and offshore application teams to seamlessly incorporate with customer capabilities and ensure adaptability in operations.

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