Data Management

Data Management

Our management and data processing professionals can guide you through the processes of data structuring and allocating and enhancing your digital assets. We offer several unique and personalized solutions:

  • Core Business Intelligence: The standard for extricating, processing, recovering and repairing your financial and production data.
  • The Big Data Model: For large and miscellaneous data volumes.
  • Master Data Management: Our strategy for designing and building information systems.

Information Management

Lotus offers holistic information management solutions that cover the entire cycle of enterprise information management, from creation to archival. The standardization that lies at the core of IM enables cost containments, while ensuring organizational goals can be achieved.

Our information management offerings include:

  • Information architecture and strategy
  • Master data management
  • Enterprise data warehousing
  • Information life cycle management (data archival, test data management)
  • Data quality and data migration

The consultants within Lotus’ Business Intelligence group also provide the guidance needed to implement a service-oriented architecture, integrating the management of corporate strategic and master data. This includes:

  • Implementing the strategy (roadmap): Mapping the repositories, identifying data and defining the roles and responsibilities related to the data.
  • Defining the target architecture: Selecting the tools and creating the repository.
  • Data porting and standardization: Establishing the procedures for data conversion and enrichment, updating the existing applications so that they fully benefit from the effects of these changes.
  • Implementing a data management system: Establishing the process, implementing indicators for measuring the results and engaging in a continuous improvement cycle.

Intelligent Business & Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (or decision support computing) is much more than just a new tool, which generates a heap of new reports you now must read. For Lotus, it’s about offering our customers a viewpoint where each indicator has an impact and effect on your business. To this end, we offer low-cost solutions with high added value.

Lotus can take part in your business intelligence project by providing customized solutions at all levels:

  • Design stage: Consulting, analyzing your data and designing the data warehouse.
  • Build stage: Data collection, cleansing and consolidation and producing reports.
  • Run stage: Hosting your data, providing a flexible and scalable platform which can be accessed in total security wherever you are.

In addition to the implementation of your BI solution, our consultants assist you in a process which is very often left out: the interpretation of your data. Once your system is operational and in production, we go even further to support our customers, by helping you to understand the data. This helps companies develop autonomous reporting and to cross-check good data to maximize the BI solution. Our consultants always seek the solution that’s best adapted to your needs.

BI in the Cloud: A Cost-Effective Solution

Some business intelligence solutions require significant investment in resources which, combined with the cost of licenses, will place a heavy burden on your data retrieval budget. So to optimize your costs, Lotus offers a cost-effective BI service that’s based in the Cloud.

By transferring your reporting solution to the Cloud, you will benefit from:

  • A scalable and high-performance reporting system.
  • Reports accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Lowered infrastructure costs, by renting your platform and paying on a pay-per-use basis.
  • A flexible infrastructure, which can absorb peak loads and is supervised around the clock.
  • Easy ramp-up: Test several tools from our store.
  • Backup of your data to a private Cloud.
  • Transfer your production data to your BI system.

In addition to infrastructure services, Lotus offers consulting and implementation services for your solution, overseeing the creation of your abstraction layers, reports or OLAP cubes, to view your data from all angles.

Your data from the Lotus Cloud is directly loaded into your data warehouse via the loading tool of your choice. Any data that’s not in the Cloud -- such as your production, accounting or HR data -- you can also backup in your data warehouse in the Cloud.

Lotus Analytics has helped our clients achieve a competitive edge through the combination of deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge mathematical and statistical methodology, as well as by fostering an analytical culture in organizations. Our services utilize proven delivery methodologies to aid our customers. Join us and be a part of the future of data management, gaining deeper customer insights, a competitive advantage, product innovation and much more!

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