HR & Payroll

Payroll Services

Our comprehensive payroll service provides access to a convenient and reliable payroll process. Make the decision today to outsource payroll processing to a reliable payroll service provider like Lotus; you will free up valuable internal resources to concentrate on your core business, while your payroll processing is carried out efficiently offshore, through real-time, online, 24x7 processing.

Features include:

  • Management reports
  • Payroll computation and processing
  • HR personnel file management
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Employee self-service features
  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • Payroll tax reporting
  • Time off tracking
  • Online benefits enrollment
  • Pay master
  • Pay register
  • Tax liability
  • Department summary
  • Labor allocation
  • Job costing
  • Accrual balances
  • Workers’ comp
  • Garnishment administration
  • Year-end processes
  • Calculating pay checks and tax obligations for each employee based on variable employee rosters and time
  • Tax filing, for the company and each employee
  • Check stuffing/signing, printing and delivering

HR Services

Pro-sourcing your HR services to Lotus will significantly help you to concentrate on your growth, by allowing you to focus more of your energy on revenue-generating tasks. We provide world-class, professional HR solutions, while significantly reducing your expenses. Benefits include:

  • Retaining cash flow and decreasing operating expenses
  • Regulating legal risk and bettering compliance
  • Acquiring greater HR knowledge
  • Simplifying HR functions
  • Decreasing the number of HR staff and related expenses
  • Boosting service delivery
  • Permitting HR staff to focus more on strategy
  • Compensate for the paucity/absence of in-house expertise
  • Enable comprehensive background checks
  • Providing management reports
  • Employee assistance and counselling services
  • Adaptable spending account administration
  • COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) administration
  • Health care benefits administration
  • Pension benefits administration
  • Retirement benefits administration
  • Employee relocation

Software Used

We employ the following payroll accounting software at Lotus to ensure that we provide our payroll processing customers with fast and accurate services:

  • QuickBooks (Intuit) Payroll
  • PayCycle
  • PayChex
  • ADP
  • Deltek
  • Accountix

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