Inbound & Outbound Voice Services

Inbound & Outbound Voice Services: The 360-Degree Solution

Lotus Voice Services – A Complete Package Designed to Make a Difference

Among our extensive solutions and services, Lotus also offers state-of-the-art inbound and outbound voice services designed with our customers first and foremost in our minds.

No matter which industry, we have a solution. And if we don’t have a solution, we will design and tailor one for you, keeping your business and goals in mind. Some of the verticals where we are currently providing these solutions include:

  • Food and wine
  • Subscriptions
  • Business sales and services
  • Holidays and leisure
  • Professional services

Services We Offer

Our core belief is that the world works better when companies are equipped to provide great service. Our experts have a passion for great service, professionalism and partnership, and make Lotus an ideal choice to help you transform your customer contact operations.

Whether it's adjusting to the demands of today's increasingly mobile and socially-connected customers, streamlining complex customer journeys to reduce customer effort, or working to close the gap between your digital and traditional customer contact channels, having access to best-practice customer service strategies and contact center solutions is critical to your operational success.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Outbound sales tools: We help deliver results that consistently reach new heights, through innovation.
  • Lead generation: Acquiring leads and customers, while refining sales.
  • Email response and campaign tools: We are your back office, managing all your communications for you.
  • Appointment settings and management: We can manage your team’s calendars and appointments.
  • Service and after-sales follow-up: We handle customer satisfaction touch points for your customer, like they are our own.
  • Customer service – inbound: We will help you build your brand in a 360-degree fashion and help your customers.
  • Customer retention – outbound: We understand both sales and retention.
  • Market surveys and campaign testing – outbound: Is your latest product/service working, or do you need feedback on what would work? Whatever your requirements are, our professionals and specialists will ensure you receive fast and accurate results.
  • Welcome calls – outbound: Creating that ideal first impression is crucial!
  • Sales – inbound: We send promotions, take calls and help you close sales.
  • Continuity programs and reminders: Let us remind your customers of continuing offers and options, to strengthen relationships.
  • Upselling: We all love it, don’t we? Let our dedicated team help.
  • Bookings and RSVPs: You host, we manage.
  • Post-order management – technical and non-technical: Your customer deserves this level of service.
  • Technical support, warranties and claims management: We are here to help your customer and not leave them frustrated with these processes.
  • Weekend blues: If your customers need something over the weekend, we are here to help!

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