Build a custom product catalog, monitor and adjust inventory levels, sell from inventory or drop-ship from the warehouse, receive and return inventory, access a variety of inventory reporting and more using this platform.

Manage your inventory with real-time insights and build a smart, resilient supply chain and inventory. Manage all functionalities related to the inventory including stocking, shipping and tracking of the products.

Inventory Management

Avoid stock-outs and have the right inventory in stock at the right time. Avoid over-ordering and allow the system to recommend products to be moved from one location to another. Drive more value across the enterprise through assessment and forecasting.

Inventory Management

Analyze which products are moving and which are stagnant to maintain the right blend of products at the right place and right time. Place vendor orders, make inventory adjustments and track shrinkage.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management – Key Features

Inventory Analytics

Deep dive into inventory analysis. Know what inventory to order and when to order it by using cutting-edge inventory forecasting analysis tools.

Due Diligence

Perform reconciliation of purchase orders and RMAs, conduct virtual inventory audits and monitor inventory counts and more such tasks to take quick action if timelines aren’t met per the standard.

Purchase Order Creation

Get details of all items the buyer agrees to purchase, its price point, terms of payment, outlines of delivery date and more, from the single platform.

Inventory Audit

Ensure accuracy between actual stock quantity and your financial records with periodic inventory audits to increase understanding of your stock flow, calculate profits and losses accurately, and keep your business running smoothly.

Inventory Receiving

Receive the inventories at the store in a timely manner. Once the warehouse dispatches the items, the store will receive the batches and make entries in the inventory receiving module.

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