Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts -Vice President, Sales and Operations

Jeremy is the Vice President, Sales and Operations and is the in- house all round enthusiast. Jeremy has over a decade of experience working with CEOs, senior managers and industry experts to enhance sales performance and expand distribution into new markets. Prior to joining Lotus Analytics, he worked for a wireless company where he enhanced operational effectiveness, established a formal talent management program to serve over 150 employees, executed a strategic expansion plan which tripled the company’s size, and created deep relationships with professionals within and outside of the business.

Jeremy’s passion for helping businesses succeed has led to him being featured in a variety of publications. He has shared how tactical decision making supported by data analytics is a proven method to grow a business’ bottom line. Jeremy has delivered speeches to small business leaders and entrepreneurs covering a variety of topics from human resource management to operational effectiveness.

With today’s complex business environment, understanding and appreciating diverse cultures is an important trait that we look for in our people. Jeremy has travelled to over ten countries, studied international business in Europe, and assisted young entrepreneurs from Belgium with strategic planning to help them globalize their businesses.

In his free time, Jeremy can be found enjoying what nature has to offer with his dog, Thor or indulging in great food in a city where he has never been. Whether paddling through river rapids in his kayak or exploring new destinations around the world, Jeremy wholeheartedly believes life is short and encourages everyone around him to make the most of every day.

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