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The Business Development Manager is responsible for overseeing the implementation of business objectives among their company’s sales, marketing, and business development professionals. Their duties include comparing current sales numbers to desired quotas, delegating sales and marketing tasks among team members and meeting with upper management to discuss their progress. This position is responsible for extending our reach through expert discovery and exploration of new and untapped business opportunities and relationships. Highly skilled at sales and business operations, this person will join and inspire a team of like-minded go-getters to achieve our company vision.


• Maintain current client relationships and identify areas for potential clients
• Contacting potential clients to establish a business relationship and meet with them
• Develop new sales areas and improving sales through various methods
• Research the latest in the business industry and creating new opportunities to expand business
• Collaborate with sales and design team to ensure requirements are met, such as sales numbers and profit goals
• Train junior salespeople to improve sales goals and meet expectations
• Strong understanding of company products or services as well as business position and competition to keep business competitive
• Locates or proposes potential business deals by contacting potential partners.
• Screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, and financials.
• Evaluates options and resolves internal priorities.
• Develops negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations.
• Examines risks and potentials for the business opportunities.
• Estimates partners’ needs and goals.
• Closes new business deals by coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; and integrating contract requirements with business operations.
• Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.
• Enhances organization’s reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests.
• Explores opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


• Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or a similar area
• About five years of proven sales experience in business or a related area
• Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal, in order to express technical and nontechnical concepts clearly and concisely
• Technical skills required to create proposals and find solutions to meet client requirements, such as using software programs and machines
• Excellent organizational skills to meet goals and set priorities
• Be proactive, organized and handle work under stressful and uncertain environments
• Valid driver’s license
• Professionalism
• Other duties as assigned

Business Development Manager , Lotus Group of Companies 101 River St. Warrensburg NY 12885


    Business Development Manager

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