Kiran Shankar

Kiran Shankar -Senior Manager - Client Services

Kiran is the Manager, Client Services at Lotus Analytics, Engineering Headquarters (Smartlytics Innovations Pvt Ltd). He was born in Bangalore and completed his B.Sc. from National College and his MBA from Sikkim University. He excels at providing clients with end to end solutions for their Business, advice on inventory, commissions, reconciliations, financial, risk management, etc and is Benchmark Six Sigma Exemplar.

Kiran began his career as a Marketing Executive in 2002 in Videocon and then moved on to work for multinational companies like HTMT, Infosys, Cross Domain Solutions and JP Morgan, ICICI etc. from 2003-2017. He has never faced any escalations from any of his clients in his 15 years of experience and has always been respected by his team members irrespective of his place of work. He joined Lotus in 2018 as Manager, Client Services and handles Account Management, Inventory Management, People Management, Attrition Management, Sales, Process Transition, Customer Experience, Supply Chain Management and is an excellent team player and manager. He heads a team of 50 people who report directly to him among others who work under his guidance.

Kiran is Professional, Impartial and an eternal optimist. He believes that honesty and confidence based on consistent hard work is the only path to success. His team enjoys working with them as he is a fair leader. When not hard at work, he enjoys spending time with his family that consists of his beautiful wife Devika and amicable son Ayush. Weekends and holidays consist of family picnics, book reading sessions and playing sports together. Kiran also enjoys playing his guitar with Ayush, accompanying him on his keyboard.

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