Lead Generation Software: An Essential Tool for Marketing

Whether you sell to consumers or to businesses, if you’re not using lead generation software, you could be wasting a lot of time. As businesses continue to get access to more customer data, the whole process of marketing and lead generation gets more tedious than before. According to a report by Marketing Charts, 17% of marketers spend 15+ hours a week on lead generation. That is a whole lot of time to be solely occupied by the lead generation process. Just think of all the things you can accomplish and work you can do within this time frame. Despite wasting so much time on lead generation, 63% of companies still think that lead generation is one of their top marketing challenges. In the old days, B2B salespeople generated leads by making cold calls or sending sales letters; B2C companies generated leads by advertising on TV, on the radio and in print publications. Today, however, lead generation has moved to the web, since most searches for products and services begin online. That’s where lead generation software comes in.

Organizations can leverage on the low hanging fruits of the automated lead generation software. Lotus Analytics offers lead generation software tools that make a good addition to your business’s marketing and sales strategy. Let’s discuss why automated lead generation software is becoming an integral part of marketing

• Lead Generation Software Ensures More Leads In Lesser Time:
Generally, sales professionals have to go through the tedious chore of acquiring referrals, recommendations, visit seminars and trade shows, and more to generate leads. Then there’s a whole process of cold calling, which is so dreadful that sometimes it ends up being a painful experience for both the parties. On average a salesperson makes 8 dials per hour and prospects for 6.25 hours to set 1 appointment. Think of the all-time that you wasted which could be used for something more productive. And this is where lead generation software enter. These software tools generate leads automatically by processing a lot of important data and prospect’s actions. The beauty of lead generation software lies in their ability to accurately discern the actions and take into account how you are interacting with your customers. This helps you to focus on productive leads already generated by the software and meanwhile, the lead generation software will automatically nurture more leads.

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