About Us

Our Origin Story

Founded in 2009, Lotus Analytics was the first and foremost of the Lotus Group’s core businesses and has played a very important role ever since. Much of Lotus Group’s success can be attributed to this business unit, which engineers business solutions that address the needs of our customers, coupled with premium-quality delivery infrastructure.

At Lotus Analytics we strive to develop deep relationships with our customers, so we can help prioritize focus around the concerns of top management and deliver results. Lotus employs top-talent individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are proficient at driving results through process improvement and change management.

Our high-performance business strategies build on our expertise in consulting, technology and managed business services to help customers perform at the highest levels, so they can create sustainable value for their clients. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business/market trends and develop solutions to help clients grow in many departments, like finance, inventory management, human resources, consulting, logistics management, IT, fraud prevention and more. Lotus Analytics is the only company with such a comprehensive suite of services and solutions in the U.S.; its offerings are truly one-of-a-kind.

We “connect proven solutions with superior innovation” by creating new and better sustainable businesses for our clients, using our optimum resources and know-how. Our mission is to become the market leader in professional services by optimizing processes, using innovation to enhance client profit. We strive to acquire and retain the highest quality customers, by providing extraordinary customer service by creating a rewarding, stimulating and balanced work environment for all our employees.

Our Vision

At Lotus Analytics we “Connect Proven Solutions with Superior Innovation.” We use our experience and knowledge to aid our clients, developing a complete set of managed business solutions and methods. Our superlative business solutions and products bring together all aspects of back office work in an effective and streamlined manner, adding immeasurably to productivity and efficacy.

Our Symbol

The lotus, which we have adopted as our corporate symbol, is not just a beautiful or sacred flower, but also a symbol of absolute purity. We aim to work on the same lines, with absolute clarity and transparency with our partners, clients and employees, maintaining clear, viable lines of communication based on our sacred pillars of ethics and morality.

Our Mission

The Lotus Analytics mission is to create new and better sustainable businesses for our clients, using our optimum resources and know-how. We believe in enriching lives and striking a balance for sustainable growth. Our solutions are superlative products of our diligence and persistence. We do everything to its full capacity and in the shortest and best manner possible. We will jump-start your business and get it to the finish line in no time at all!

We are constantly and consistently in the quest for new market trends and technological revolutions. We love to keep our finger on the pulse! We will assist you in empowering yourself and simplifying your life by working in the most efficient and intelligent manner possible.

Like Simon Sinek, we believe that, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” We challenge boundaries and don’t let ourselves be restricted by adverse challenges; we inculcate creativity, intelligence and authenticity in our solutions, to match your individual requirements. We love taking challenges and are committed to doing business, because we love what we do and will give your business the momentum it requires to push it to the top, and keep it there.

You are important to us, which is why we work with one client at a time to match your distinctive and unique requirements. We believe in the “joy of making things happen” and love taking challenges. We are fully committed to our work ethic and strive to constantly update and improve ourselves, because we believe that we are privileged to work with and for you. Transparency in all our business deals is our foremost concern. We think the best way to do good things is to work together, with honest coordination and synergy.

We create opportunities and offer endless possibilities, by helping you grow, every day. We think that working with an open heart and keeping the correct perspective in mind works wonders. We want our company and yours to achieve great things, together.

Our Strengths

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Broad, flexible service offerings
  • Expertise in business transformation and development
  • Five-minute email support

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