Business Intelligence is an integral part of any new-age business. Get access to a business intelligence integrated reporting system that allows you to forecast and analyze the current situation at a glance. The reporting system consists of interactive widgets and dashboards. So now you can see everything, measure everything, and compare everything across your enterprise. 

An interactive reporting system allows you to forecast and analyze the current situation at a glance.


The reporting system is intuitive. The widgets on the reporting system dashboard can be customized as per your unique choice and preferences.


Our interactive reporting system allows you to select different reporting styles and formats to forecast and analyze the current situation at a glance.


Reporting – Key Features

Custom build to your needs

Get access to numerous interactive templates that allow you to create custom experiences and automate multi-step actions to accelerate workflows. Build from scratch, use templates, or custom-build the exact reports you need.  

Evolve your business

Agility at scale with an open cloud platform extended through deep tech partnerships. Unlock data from cloud and on-prem, so everyone can analyze data to drive better outcomes.

Real time reports

Unlock real-time analytics and automatic reports for more informed decision-making. Get a detailed overview of productivity at an individual, team, and department level instantly, and schedule and share customized reports with teams, executives or clients. 

Infuse intelligence everywhere

Integrate AI-powered analytics into workflows, processes, applications and products. BI dashboards provide end to end analysis of the business metrics using multiple widgets and visualization 

Metrics that matter

You’ll know what’s working and what needs to be adjusted on your marketing strategies while improving the communication of the results to your clients.

Gain big-picture visibility

Boost your margins and optimize your portfolio in real-time with easy-to-understand, detailed analysis. See quickly which projects might be in trouble, and which will likely bring in the most revenue.

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