Systems create success no matter the size of the business, procedural protocol and operations can make or break you in today’s world. If you can find a way to systematize your back office processes, then you can stop worrying about day-to-day operations and focus on building your business.

Effective operational systems and processes are critical for success. This especially applies to small and medium sized businesses who find themselves struggling with added overhead, qualified yet affordable employees and up to date technology resources. These types of businesses are often operating on a tight budget, which means every single part of the financial process is critical. The routine tasks of payroll, accounting, reporting, reconciliations etc., are taking away from the core business focus. Organizations spend too much time and energy trying to create back office processes that aren’t effective or, worse, they ignore them altogether. The smart business owners know they don’t have to do everything themselves, but can rely on experts to take a lot of the routine tasks off their shoulders.

It’s alarming how businesses do not take the time to set up proper payroll or bookkeeping procedures, and struggle with routine hiring and personnel issues. Failing to set up your proper bookkeeping or human resources protocols at the outset only creates a mess you have to dig out from later.

Hiring Lotus Analytics is the first step in the right direction to success. We help you set up business-critical processes that are 100% customized based on your business requirements. This not only allows you to stay on track, but also makes it easier to extract the information needed on a regular schedule to make sure you are headed towards success and profitability. Here are just a few reasons to consider Lotus Analytics with your back office systems:

• Costs: Handling your own accounting/payroll or HR may means building and maintaining your own staff. This added overhead is unnecessary and costly, also requiring time by you to train. By “renting” your back office experts with us, you pay for only the time required to complete the services needed in a fast and efficient manner, meaning you save money in the long run.

• Removing Non-Core Activity: This is probably the most compelling reason. You don’t want to be distracted by the bookkeeping because it takes attention away from building your business. You probably didn’t start your business to “keep the books,” we allow you to get back and focus on what’s important.

• Reduce People Management Issues: Outsourcing removes the personnel problems. You don’t have to advertise or recruit, interview, hire, train, etc. Instead, you get people with ready-made expertise, on demand. There is no process building, and it’s done correctly, the first time by Lotus.

• Working with Experts: If you outsource your HR, accounting, and back office functions, then you are getting the most highly trained talent available. Accountants and HR consultants need to stay current on the latest tax codes, rules, and regulations. Tracking new laws and regulations are part of their certifications, which means they have the latest information at their fingertips to help you comply with the law and save money.

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