Sales Engagement Center helps your business run an effective end-to-end sales process. Capture customer details, manage leads more effectively and monitor pipelines more accurately. Automate administrative tasks, and close more deals faster with the world’s most trusted sales force automation software. The Sales Engagement Center allows you to identify or discover potential leads, and then nurture and convert the potential for a sale opportunity. This unified sales and marketing tool helps growth teams communicate better, coordinate their efforts, and save money.  

Build your brand in a 360-degree fashion and help your customers with sales inbound and outbound voice services that are designed to strengthen customer relationships and keep your customers satisfied.

Sales Engagement Center

Generate leads, enhance customer satisfaction, run an effective end-to-end sales process, and thereby, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

Sales Engagement Center

Acquiring leads and customers, while refining sales.

Sales Engagement Center

QR code-based C-Sat and E-Sat surveys that can take you one step closer to your customers and employees

Sales Engagement Center

Sales Engagement Center – Key Features

Lead generation

Acquire leads and customers, while refining sales. Sales Engagement Center captures the customer details (Personal/Business) for future reference. It allows the sales representatives to navigate between different menus with ease.

Email response and campaign tools

We are your back office, managing all your communications for you. We can not only manage your team’s calendars and appointments but also your campaign tools.

Customer service and after-sales follow-up

We understand both sales and retention. We help you build your brand in a 360-degree fashion and handle customer satisfaction touch points for your customer, like they are our own.

Market surveys and campaign testing

Is your latest product/service working, or do you need feedback on what would work? Whatever your requirements are, our professionals and specialists will ensure you receive fast and accurate results.

Sell from your inventory

Make sales through the carrier inventory and enable activations and several add-on features. Customers can also bring their own devices to get activations done at your store.


Maintain customer history

Maintain a detailed repository of your customers with all their details and help your staff and sales representatives avoid duplication of customer data.


Return merchandise authorization

Perform and monitor any returns and exchanges for customers. Make the process seamless to the consumer, cost-effective for the seller, and rapid for the financial system.


Efficient invoicing, refund and exchanges

Your staff and sales representatives can make necessary corrections and modifications in the receipts and invoices. Customers can also seamlessly return products and get refunds with a single touch.

Customer Experience

Tailoring the customer survey will always allow for a better understanding of the customer experience. Explore customer experience with Surveys tailored to your location or purchase.

QR code-based C-Sat and E-Sat surveys

Review the analytics down to the question to understand the action required to grow customer satisfaction. Simply scan a QR code with any device and drive engagement to make events bigger with ease.

Inbound & Outbound Voice Services: The 360-Degree Solution

Lotus Voice Services is a complete package designed to make a difference. Among the extensive solutions and services, Lotus also offers state-of-the-art inbound and outbound voice services designed with our customers first and foremost in our minds.

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