SmartCARE-The Health Care Managed Business

SmartCARE: The Health Care Managed Business

Healthcare Managed Services by Lotus, Because We Care

Lotus has been a part of the healthcare industry for almost a decade now. During that span healthcare has been rapidly evolving and advancing, resulting in the need for the analysis of huge amounts of data to optimize outcomes, enhance revenue and reduce costs.

Lotus specializes in providing innovative insights to healthcare management services to solve financial, billing, quality and performance issues. Our services include, but are not limited to:


Lotus offers a comprehensive billing service, which optimizes the billing process to provide fast, accurate and debt-free payment for our clients. Our specialist medical billing software has the capability to link to any third-party provider and global organizations.

Same-Day & Online Billing

We offer round-the-clock services 365 days of the year, which helps us do the billing same day and provide an enhanced e-billing experience. Online billing makes the process more accurate, quicker, safer and cheaper for our clients.

Personalized Service

All our client practices are different, which is why we personalize our billing processes to suit you, and tailor templates to match yours and your patients’ needs.

Deep Industry Experience

We have been in the healthcare industry for a decade, which helps us provide the services at a faster turnaround time, due to our industry connections and expertise.

Reconciliation Services

Our expert reconciliation services will enable your business to run seamlessly, without any discrepancies and audit issues, for excellent management of all your financials in one place.

Risk Assessment

We will ensure that your financials are safe, by systematically calculating all potential and possible risks. We will also ensure that all your patient data is secure, using our unique integrated referral service, which ensures payments and transparency throughout the process.

Integrated Solution

We provide a set of effective and operational products, services and technologies that help comprehend data, recognizing patterns and dynamics to streamline financial management.

Virtual Practice Management

Our business is available on a 24/7, 365-day basis because we believe in the human touch, constant availability and unparalleled support. We will ensure that the financials are in order, bills are paid and patients are satisfied.

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