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Our solutions and services are based on years of research and experience, cutting-edge technology and user-friendly infrastructure, combining productivity with flexibility. This concept dramatically cuts costs and increases performance, which provides our clients with the ability to thrive in today’s high-powered and dynamic market.

Point of Sales Module

No matter what product or service you sell, almost all businesses have various different facets in their sales cycle, to close deals. Now manage all aspects of your sales cycle from any place, at any time with the Point Of Sales module of CentraverseTM .

Supply Chain Module

Grow your business with real-time insights and build a resilient, smart supply chain. Simplify and connect your supply chain end-to-end to respond faster to an ever-changing world and adapt when facing disruption with the Supply Chain Management module of CentraverseTM .

Alerts & Task Management Module

Task management is more than a to-do list. It means tracking tasks from beginning to end, delegating subtasks to teammates, and setting deadlines to make sure projects get done on time. Schedule and automate your tasks, send alerts to recipients, set due dates to easily manage deadlines and more with the Task Management module of CentraverseTM .

HR Module

Manage and optimize the daily human resources tasks and overall HR goals of an organization efficiently. The Human Resource module of CentraverseTM  makes it possible for HR staff and managers to better allocate their time and resources to more productive, profitable efforts.


This business intelligence tool provides insights and reporting of various business metrics using interactive widgets and visualizations.

Asset Tracking

Now you can keep a repository of all company-owned assets. Tag and maintain all your company assets and track the movement of the assets at all times using this tool.

HR Management

This tool captures end-to-end HR functionalities such as employee attendance, leave details, clock-in details, break timings, overtime calculation and more. It also features reporting on multiple metrics in the HR domain which can be directly integrated with the payroll system.

Real Estate Administration

This tool is a one-stop solution for end-to-end real estate management for landlords, real estate professionals and tenants can track leases, d maintenance tasks, rent and payments and more efficiently.

Ticketing System

Manage issues and incidents with an efficient ticketing system. Now review, prioritize and manage tickets based on status and urgency to be organized and effective.

Commission Portal

Through this tool, you can compute and display the commission earned by the sales representatives in real-time at the end of every sale.

Warehouse Management

Control the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, such as the shipping, receiving, put-away and picking of goods through the warehouse management tool. It supports and optimizes warehouse functionality and distribution center management.

Roles and Permission Management

This feature provides access to admins to create job titles based on the requirement, add new roles, and modify permissions to make enhancements to the system.

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