Start with the Right Software Solutions for Your Cannabis Business

The legalized cannabis market is booming in North America, cannabis production and distribution is now a thriving industry as more and more municipalities across the United States and Canada begin to allow legal usage and distribution of hemp products for both recreational and medical use. According to a New Frontier Data survey, legal adult-use cannabis was estimated to have reached to $13.1 billion for medical and adult use cannabis in 2020 and by 2025, the legal sales in the cannabis market will reach 35 billion dollars! Now is the time to act, and act efficiently, start your operation using the right tools to allow you full visibility.

The cannabis market is moving at a rapid pace, multiple components make it an intriguing and profitable yet tedious industry to partake in. It is imperative to make sure that you are monitoring the quality, inventory control, real time sales and projections of your business along with the compliance and regulations component. So why not invest in a proper cannabis software solution to help you manage the distribution and allocation of your cannabis-based products from refinery to retail customers? At Lotus Analytics, all of our cannabis business solutions were born organically from real client needs. Our software simplifies client’s operations and aims at getting them up and running as quickly as possible. Our goal is to ensure continued quality for you and your customers along with a properly managed HR program to help your cannabis business reach optimal growth. We provide support and guidance in areas like:

• Supply Chain and Inventory Management

• Financial Reporting

• Wholesale distribution

• Full software implementation

• Process consulting

• Data migration and more

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