Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

At Lotus Analytics we understand the challenges you face, from fast-paced globalization, to advancing technological innovation, to changing and growing according to the expectations of your customers. Our supply chain services are designed to satisfy these demands and more by focusing on three guiding principles of supply chain eminence: value, alignment and sustainability.

How This Helps:

  • Value: By adopting value as a leading standard, you can deliver excellent supply chain performance with meaningful business.
  • Alignment: This principle guides you when determining the required tools to regulate core methods for operational perfection.
  • Sustainability: Comprehend and redesign supply chain structure to regulate risks and opportunities, for sustainable management on a large scale over the long term.

Lotus offers an extensive portfolio of supply chain services that help companies drive more value across the enterprise, by organizing, advancing and redesigning a supply chain process that best works for your specific environment.

Our supply chain services are led by seasoned industry, process and subject matter experts, supported by world-class infrastructure, a rich knowledge base of best-practices, an expansive global leadership network and peerless category, commodity and market intelligence capabilities.

Assessment & Forecasting

What separates market-leading companies from the rest is their ability to not just read the current market trends, but also to foresee the future and plan for it. Forecasting drives all strategic and planning decisions in a supply chain; our supply chain forecasting services help you reduce warehousing, transportation and inventory costs, while boosting customer service levels and efficiency. These include:

  • Demand forecasting and planning
  • Inventory forecasting and planning
  • Replenishment forecasting and planning
  • Manufacturing forecasting and planning

Lotus experts optimize and manage all the components of your inventory operations, including cycle stock, returned stock, pipeline and pre-build inventory, to drive efficiency across the value chain. Our experts help you plan your inventory better, so that you have the right inventory, at the right time and at the right location. We work with you to boost inventory cost accounting, streamline credit management and enhance cash flow, to free-up valuable working capital that’s stuck in inventory.

Supply Chain Data Management

Lotus offers comprehensive supply chain data management solutions to enable effective decision-making and drive value across the supply chain lifecycle. Whether it’s product, vendor, catalog, contract or logistics data, Lotus can help.

Data-Driven Insights

Lotus has developed a set of best-in-class processes and tools to define and manage data, identify meaningful patterns and generate crucial insights into the performance of your enterprise supply chain.

Fact-Based Decisions

Lotus uses a full range of proven data management techniques to seize the correct data meticulously, minimize redundancy and reduce discrepancies. Lotus works with data from nearly all existing ERP, inventory or warehouse management, transportation management, accounting, or other back-end systems, including SAP, Oracle or any other leading software platform. Data management solutions from Lotus put all the information you need at your fingertips to manage a more efficient, agile and less costly supply chain.

Achieve increased compliance with regulatory requirements through robust data governance processes. Get improved visibility across supply chain functions such as procurement, warehousing, inventory, distribution, logistics and customers. Make data work for you.

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