The Must-Know Benefits of Business Intelligence In Sales and Marketing

Business intelligence is a tech-driven process which leverages software and services to transform data into actionable and meaningful insight that acquaints an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. Due to various number of tools that enable all-sized businesses to analyze metrics and large amounts of data in real-time, BI is becoming a routine for marketers. These tools are designed to analyze business data, helping companies and organizations to get insights into the aspects that they need to improve on to drive their business forward and achieve their goals. Through Business Intelligence, organizations can have the data they need to enable them to make informed, intelligent decisions about the different aspects of their business.

BI solutions prove to be indispensable in the areas of sales and marketing. To win and retain customers in today’s competitive business world, you must establish and maintain a seamless buying process. Marketing, sales, and distribution must be in sync to satisfy the customer requirement and provide products and services when the client is ready to buy, with the appropriate product to meet their needs. After all, being able to track, monitor, and understand relationships among variables (customers, products, and pricing) can spell the difference between business success and failure. In the organizations, marketing and sales teams can take advantage of the information obtained using BI tools, organizing campaigns that more precisely target the right audience, and gain a better understanding of which initiatives generate the utmost revenue. Lotus Analytics provides technology that integrates marketing, sales and distribution practices with business intelligence solutions, that can satisfy the needs of every organization, no matter or large or small, with affordable, practical, simple solutions.

BI for Sales

BI for Sales function can help the sales director, sales manager and sales representative to analyze results by product, SKU, customer, customer demographic, region, team and sales individual. Using an intuitive, single view of data, the team can build a picture of sales, with data integrated from other enterprise systems including purchasing, production, sales contact systems, spreadsheets and other data sources. BI for Sales solution will help the team and the organization to monitor and adjust targets and to better forecast and predict results.

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