Vansaj Poddar

Vansaj Poddar -Managing Director

Vansaj is the Managing Director ‘Smartlytics Innovations Pvt Ltd’, which is the Engineering Office of Lotus Analytics based in Bangalore, India. He grew up in Ramgarh, Jharkhand and completed his bachelor’s in business management (Finance) from Christ University, Bangalore. During this period, he was selected for a three-month internship at Goldman and Sachs where he was awarded with the title of ‘Best-Networking Personnel’. This internship was one of the pivotal moments in his life where he learnt to balance ‘work and play’ and sustain well in a corporate environment. After completing his BBM he went back home to help run his father’s ‘Bharat Petroleum Service Station’ and helped it become the 1st regional distributor for MAK Lubricants in Ramgarh.

Vansaj decided to pursue his higher studies and moved to New York state in 2015 and completed his master’s in strategic management in the University of Albany, State University of New York. During this period, he joined Lotus as an apprentice and worked extensively with Ash to learn the practical ins and outs of business. He launched the ‘Anytime Taxi Business’ in this period and also initiated many other partner companies under the Lotus Umbrella. Vansaj believes that this was the time that taught him almost everything that one can learn in Business. He calls this his epiphanic moment that changed his self-perception, boosted his confidence, widened and broadened his worldly perspective and most importantly trained him to start Business from scratch.

Vansaj is a perfectionist, man of action and absolute theist. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his family who are he believes, the foundational figures of his life. His father Vishnu, Mother Sabita and brother Prateek taught him to always be strong and have such confidence in his abilities that helped him grow into the person he is today. He enjoys driving, going on long drives, traveling, is an adventure sports enthusiast and loves socializing and meeting new people and exploring new cultures as regularly as he can.

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