Vinodh Kumar

Vinodh Kumar -Manager, Finance Services

Vinodh is the Manager, Finance Services at ‘Smartlytics Innovations Pvt Ltd’, which is the Engineering Office of Lotus Analytics based in Bangalore, India. He grew up in Bangalore and completed his M. Com from Kuvempu University, specializing in Finance. He is currently studying to become a ‘Certified Public Accountant'. He has several certifications in finance under his belt such as QuickBooks Online, Tally Specialist, and a certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor. He is extremely passionate about Finance and started his career at the age of 15.

Vinodh has more than eleven years of experience and began his career as an ‘Audit Assistant. In this three-year period, he finalized more than 863 government entities. He worked next as a Senior Accountant, dealing in multiple branches of Finance. He joined Lotus in 2012 as a senior process associate, after which he eventually, due to diligence and hard work, was promoted through many appraisals and roles, to manager in a period of 6 years (2012-2018). He heads a team of around 50 people and is a wonderful leader and team player, greatly loved by all his team members.

Vinodh is amiable, spiritual and a workaholic. He is passionate about knowledge, always on a quest to get better and learn more. When not at work, he enjoys traveling, spending time with his family especially his grandmother, mother and sister. He is a family man who spends most of his free time with his family members who is believes are the pillars to his success story. He loves to make new friends, drive sports cars and bikes and is also a keen connoisseur of perfumes and watches. One of his favorite activities is taking his mother and grandmother to the temple and spending time meditating with them. He laughingly calls himself the “youngest manager at Lotus”.

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