Leverage a combination of process automation, artificial intelligence, and human eyes & ears to make sure every transaction is being processed exactly how you expect!

Enhance the customer experience and your brand equity by ensuring customer-facing areas are clean, merchandised properly, and well-stocked.

Get paid correctly on the first pass by using our post-transaction audit and invoice correction services. We’ll verify transaction accuracy and make corrections where needed.

Industries Using Lotus Compliance Audits










Real Estate



Live Camera Auditing

We’ll take a virtual peak into your locations to make sure things are how they’re supposed to be.

Most common audits:

  • Merchandising materials
  • Engagement of personnel
  • Verbal talk-tracks of sales staff
  • Back room compliance
  • Before / after hours activity of staff

Document Analysis

We don’t just audit sales transactions. We also review documents and other electronic submissions for accuracy.

We regularly review things like:

  • Consumer contracts
  • Business docs & Insurance certificates
  • Legal documents
  • Expense receipts
  • System entries vs. actual invoices

Transaction Corrections

When transactions happen across multiple systems or when personnel make invoicing mistakes, we’ll help you identify when things aren’t right and if needed, we’ll correct it for you.

Apart from compliance audits, our accounting & finance specialists also do a lot of post-entry corrections as well.

We don’t just audit system entries, sales invoices, documents, and locations… we also audit the presence or condition of tangible items as well. If you have a unique need, we’d love to hear from you!

A Perfect Fit

Our unique approach to professional services will partner you with a team that fits best with your organization. Our people are well trained, experienced, and hold professional certifications for processes that may require elevated support.

Consistent Performance

Working with us allows you, your customers, as well as your internal ops and sales teams to benefit from consistent deliverables that are completed timely and accurately. Our team is strategically built to ensure business continuity and consistent best-in-class service.

ISO 9001 Certified

The Lotus Group of Companies and Lotus Analytics exceed International Standards for Quality Management Systems. Our applications and processes are tested and audited by third-party quality assurance professionals, which allows us to continuously improve our service for you.