Virlual Sales Audit

Virtual Sales Audit

Your Stores – Your Pride – Should Look Their Best

Virtual audits are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to perform company audits and are ideal in economically challenging times.

Gone are the days when local managers could make changes that adversely impacted your brand, without you knowing about it. Our experience in compliance auditing has enabled us to develop a robust platform and processes that add strategic value to your business through video audits, which make a lasting business improvement. These are integrated with online tools to ensure staff have the knowledge and feedback needed to achieve required standards, while upholding brand and corporate expectations.

Compliance check/peace of mind/loss prevention programs typically focus on various technologies, data and initiatives to detect known issues, losses and potential opportunities for loss. The use of data and technology has increased dramatically over the years in these programs, but they alone cannot effectively determine how well a district/store manager is running a particular location or unit, or how well store associates are adhering to policy, procedure and store operations

Our store audit programs include fundamentals to measure:

  • Safety
  • Store exterior appearance, including signage and lighting
  • Interior cleanliness and appearance (lighting, floor, ceiling, etc.)
  • Merchandising
  • Store general cleanliness
  • Staff/employee outlook
  • Key compliance items (business licenses, HR posters, etc.)
  • Back room, storage and bathrooms
  • Inventory (FIFO)
  • Cash and till audits
  • Frequency of store visits by visiting managers
  • Spot checks on various items, as deemed necessary
  • Customer service and issue resolution
  • Loss control and theft analysis
  • Coaching and training
  • Plan-o-gram trials
  • And many more. The system is completely customizable.

Lotus Analytics’ Real Time platform performs over 10,000 audits annually in support of our clients. Developed to support individual locations, distribution centers, regulatory compliance or loss reduction, every audit is created for the needs and objectives of each client. Audits can be developed individually to support specific needs, or customized to support multiple needs within a single audit visit.

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